Student pleads guilty to severely stabbing mother

A student who allegedly stabbed his mother and severely injured her at Pudong International Airport went on trial this morning. Prosecutors said the 21-year-old suspect, Wang Jiajing, had attacked his mother Gu Guohua with two knives at around 8:30pm on March 31 the airport's terminal 2. The court heard that the victim had sustained severe injuries to her head, arms, stomach and back.Wang told the court he was agitated after his mother, who came to pick him up, refused his request of giving thousands of yuan to support his tuition and living fees in Japan. "I stabbed my mum," he admitted. The mother, who has recovered from her wounds, also appeared at the Pudong District People's Court. Gu said her son was innocent since he had been suffering from mental problems for two years. Gu told prosecutors Wang went to study in Japan in 2006 and was about to graduate next year. During his stay in Japan, Wang frequently moved home as he said he was always assaulted by people where he lived. "They didn't let me read, sleep or eat," Wang said at the court. Wang pleaded guilty, but a verdict was not announced as Wang's lawyer said he had committed crimes when he was in an unstable mental condition. Wang was detained by the airport police on April 1. He was charged with causing intentional injury on August 1.


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