At long last: Passers-by come to aid of a victim

RELATIVES of a pregnant woman helped by a group of residents after she fainted in a Shanghai park are trying to track down the good Samaritans to express their gratitude.

A video of the incident where more than 10 people rushed to the aid of the woman in Luxun Park in Hongkou District on Sunday afternoon has become a hit on the microblog.

In the clip, one man who helped, when asked to give his name, turns to the camera and says in the Shanghai dialect: "Just call us Shanghainese."

Many web users praised the residents who didn't hesitate to help, noting the sharp contrast to the high-profile case concerning Wang Yue, a two-year-old girl in Guangdong Province who this month was twice run over and ignored by 18 passers-by as she lay badly injured.

Wang died last Friday, and the incident has led to fresh debate over whether Chinese society is growing more selfish.

On Sunday in Shanghai, five residents took the woman to the entrance of the park while others hailed a private car to take her to a nearby hospital, instead of waiting for an ambulance. As the driver didn't know the way to the hospital, a motorcyclist halted his illegal taxi business to guide the car, said Zhao Anrui, a security guard at the park.

A sister of the pregnant woman, surnamed Zhang, said the person who shot the footage asked those involved to give their names, but all the modest helpers declined.

In another good Samaritan incident yesterday, passengers on a crowded No. 85 bus delayed getting to work in order to help a woman who had fainted in the stuffy environment. More than 80 passengers asked the driver to take a detour to get the woman to a hospital, although they knew it would make them late for work.

However, the woman regained consciousness by the time they had reached the hospital and she refused to get off and go inside for medical checks.

"The passengers, the driver and doctors all tried to persuade her to go for a check, but she wouldn't listen," said a pa! ssenger who goes by the online name "Rainbow." "Some of us believed she may have feared high medical costs."

Some passengers said on the microblog that they were "embarrassed" by the woman's behavior, but added that "it was worthwhile being late in order to help others."


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