Air quality to improve as winds blow away haze

THE haze that has enveloped the city since Friday is expected to clear up with winds this afternoon, the local forecaster said today. The air pollution index, a measure of inhalable particulates, dropped to 103 this morning from the highest of 111 on Saturday but still subjected the city to light pollution, said the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center. The haze was caused by airborne dusts blown to the city from north China. The light breezes over the weekend failed to dispel the haze, the center said. More winds from the northeast are expected this afternoon, which can improve the city's air quality, the forecaster said. However, more polluting weather conditions may occur in the next two months as cold fronts become frequent around this time of the year. Shanghai had 29 polluted days last year and 18 of them happened in November and December, according to the center.


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