No synthetic hormone found in hairy crab test

SHANGHAI officials said no excessive level of estrogen has been detected in hairy crabs in local markets following media reports about excessive hormone found in hairy crabs in Hong Kong. Chen Qiwei, the Shanghai government spokesman, told reporters at a press conference today that test results of all the samples collected from the local markets were satisfactory. Food inspectors checked for more than 30 contents in the samples, including diethylstilbestrol, a type of estrogen. The inspection is carried out every three months by the city's agricultural commission, food and drug administration, and administration for industry and commerce. Chen said the three departments will strengthen the inspection of hairy crabs to ensure food safety. It was reported on Tuesday that one-fourth of the 30 hairy crab samples tested in Hong Kong showed an excessive amount of hormone with the highest reaching 100 micrograms. SGS, an international inspection company, warned that eating three hairy crabs with the highest level of hormone will surpass the safety limit suggested by the WHO. However, it admitted that it used a new testing method in the check and was unable to tell if the hormone was natural or synthetic. The Hong Kong Food and Environment Hygiene Department said it will release a full report of its hair crab check soon.


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