Man sent fake bomb-threat in revenge for small salary

A man who falsely claimed to set a bomb in a factory in the city's Fengxian District and extorted 500,000 yuan (US$78,450) was arrested for disseminating false terrorism information, Fengxian District prosecutors said yesterday. The 27-year-old suspect, surnamed Chen, allegedly sent a message to a manager, surnamed Xu, of Fuping Company on August 18 claiming that he had set up a remote controlled bomb in the company. He demanded 500,000 yuan in cash before 5pm in exchange for defusing the bomb. More than 100 policemen, including 78 from the bomb squad, rushed to the scene after receiving the bomb threat report at 2:30pm. They cordoned off the company, but failed to find any explosive device inside. Chen was captured at 10:10am the next day. He told the police that there was no bomb in the company. Chen, a Sichuan native, was an employee of the company from 2009. He allegedly masterminded the bomb scare in revenge for earning a small salary during the two years he worked for the company. He told prosecutors he had bought a new phone number to send the threat and abandoned it after use. The company was forced to shut down for two hours, with an estimated loss of more than 10,000 yuan. The false bomb information also caused severe traffic congestion around the company, according to prosecutors.


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