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2 passengers fined for interrupting Metro service

SHANGHAI police said two men were fined 200 yuan (US$31.34) each for preventing their train door from closing on Metro Line 8 yesterday, leaving thousands of passengers stranded in the subway. The two offenders surnamed Chen and Zhou used their feet and bodies to wedge the door from being shut at the Zhongxing Road Station around 9pm, police said. Police said they were demanding an explanation from the Metro operator because Line 8 experienced a malfunction and took nearly 48 minutes to travel from People's Square to Zhongxing Road Station just one stop away. Chen and Zhou were forced out of the train after they had delayed it for 12 minutes and refused to cooperate with police. The Metro operator said Line 8 was observing a speed limit for one and a half hours yesterday and normal operation resumed by 9:30pm.


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