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Taiwan man gets death for murdering wife and daughters

A Taiwan court has upheld its death sentence against a man named Chang He-Ling who killed his wife and two daughters while his mistress followed his move on cell phone, local media reported today. Chang's mistress Su Yu-Tseng was sentenced to 10 years in jail for being an accomplice but she was given leniency as she made a confession to prosecutors, reported, a news Website portal. Chang started an affair with Su in 2005. His wife Tsai discovered their relationship and revealed it to Su' husband, who immediately divorced Su. With hatred, Su encouraged Chang to kill his wife. On April 11, 2006 Chang phoned Su, saying he was going to carry out the murder to prove his loyalty. Chang then sneaked into Tsai's room and rendered her motionless by putting an ether-soaked towel to her mouth. The noise woke up his daughters and Chang did the same to the young girls. Afterwards, he opened the cooking gas which killed the three. The case was treated by authorities as an accident until two years later when Chang's mother-in-law insisted on a re-investigation because she met her daughter many times in dream and believed her daughter and two grandchildren were all murdered.


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