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The bet

No more

After a week with parents in town I feel relaxed and happy, but a bit like a chubby Easter bunny. Its simply impossible to turn down temptation when your parents:

-Travel here with a suitcase full of Easter eggs and Swedish chocolate for their beloved daughter.

-Enjoy sitting down for a coffee and sandwich (mom) or a cake and beer (dad) every day of their holiday week (What are you supposed to do? Not join them?!).

-Encourage you to share a bottle of wine with them for dinner. Pretty much every day.

-Hides chocolate in your apartment (yes, for real) before departure so that wont miss them too much.

Now when they have left, however (and all the hidden candy in my flat has been located and eaten), I am keen to do something about my sugar addiction. So, on Sunday night, in the heat of the moment (read: after 2 snickers bars and some large, sugary milk chocolate pieces that made me feel more like a pig than a bunny) I entered a bet with my significant other (in front of my folks got to have witnesses when entering a bet), saying I will give up sugar for 2,5 months (yes! Months, not weeks!).

Why 2,5 months?

Well, because its 2,5 months until my holiday (no, not that Im counting or anything, I just happen to know).

This bold statement of mine (yeah, anyone who knows me that me saying things like Im not going to eat chocolate for a while is quite bold Ive got a bit of a thing for cocoa meaning I eat a lot of it. Every week) resulted in bemused smiles from my folks, and a long no way, youre never going to make it-look by my bf.

Being a sucker for challenges Ive taken the bet to my heart, only though. Its kind of hard not to eat sugar, or so Ive realized when I, on Monday, e! ntered m y new, sugar-free life and was faced with the following situations:

1. On Monday (which was a holiday for me) I had a mini picnic in the park with a girlfriend (I call it picnic because she brought a ready-made sandwich from the shop and I brought sushi) and she brought along a package of chocolate chip cookies. I looooove chocolate chip cookies. But this time I had to turn it down.

2. Later the same day, I did something I rarely do, namely ordered in food, and imagine my surprise when I was given a gift muffin (!) just because it was Monday! So there it was: a large piece of temptation standing on my kitchen table. Not to be enjoyed by me, thats for sure.

3. Then, Tuesday in the office. Coffee and cake. Cake and coffee. Snacks in the kitchen. Swedish chocolate. I had to make a real effort not to fall for temptation, especially since it was one of those busy days when you barely have time for lunch and your blood sugar drops in the afternoon and you feel kind of weak and dizzy but youve decided to go to the gym so you end up thinking: hmmaybe I could just have a cookie or two, and Ill feel much better on the treadmill. But no, oh no, not me. I have a bet to win.

So, three days into the bet and so far so good. Ive also been at the gym every day, and today Im going to yoga (Maybe some serious Namaste-ing can help my mind to think of other things than chocolate brownies?).

However, I know that when the weekend comes is when the real challenge appears. Because this weekend, a good friend of mine is coming to Shanghai for a visit, and I just happen to know that shell see me and say:

-Hey, lets go to Whisk! Just for old times sake!

And how on earth am I going to be able to hit Shanghais best chocolate caf and NOT have chocolate?

To be continued.


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