Noir&Blanc at Shanghai Fashion Week 2011

I had the most amazing day yesterday! One week of hard work finally saw its results when Swedish Noir&Blanc showed at Shanghai Fashion Week, followed by a high heel after party at Gte Gta store.

The Noir&Blanc fashion show was fantastic. The designers teamed up with dance club Jazz du Funk and did a pretty exquisite cross over show that opened and closed with a dance sequence called Black Sun (see the video at the end of this post for the short closing performance, mind the shaky video, as I was applauding while filming multi tasking, you know!). The dance worked super well with the actual collection: Ethnic Euphoria, which is about tradition and ethnic symbols, pattern-mania, knitted influences and draped fabrics.

The after party saw Kosta Boda Crystal Catwalk collection, live wei-boing (twittering) from (I did an interpretation stunt: Eng-Chi for one of the interviews), as well as high heel painting by Chinese as well as Swedish artists (see the second video of how Gran Kling is painting his pair). The shoes were then auctioned off and the money went to charity. All in all a super night spent with some super people. Im still high of happiness.

After party at Gte Gta store: good times with an awesome group of people!

Freshly pained shoes by Gran Kling
Petra and Linnea (of Noir&Blanc) and Gran Kling -who did the jewelry for the show.


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