Festival fare

Qingtuan, or glutinous green dumplings, are sold at the city's famous Wangjiasha dim sum store yesterday. Local industrial and commercial authorities said yesterday about 10 percent of qingtuan tested in the city failed a quality inspection, including some time-honored brands, such as Wangjiasha and Xinya. The snack is popular around the Qingming Festival, which falls next Tuesday. The Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau inspected 50 samples collected from local supermarkets and food stores. The products which failed, such as a box of Wangjiasha sweet-beanpaste-stuffed Qingtuan sold at the Shanghai No.1 Food Store, were found to contain colibacillus, which may cause vomiting and diarrhoea, said the bureau. Other brands, such as Xinya and Luyangcun, had the same problem. The products were removed from shelves, officials said.


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