Drive to help ill Pakistani woman

FRIENDS and classmates of Anam Islam, a 21-year-old Pakistani woman studying in Jiangxi Province, have started an online campaign to collect money to help pay for the student's medical bills. Islam was in critical condition yesterday at Shanghai's Changzheng Hospital with serious lung and blood infections. Her brother Usman Islam said the family had used up their savings on her treatment and that medical expenses could cost another 100,000 yuan (US$15,291). "My parents run a small shop in our hometown and they spent everything they have to send us to study in China," Usman Islam said. "We have already spent 160,000 yuan on her treatment. It is such a huge burden to our family." Both the sister and brother are studying Western medicine in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Provice. Anam Islam had a brain aneurysm and was transferred from Jiangxi to Changzheng Hospital, which conducted surgery on her brain in March. Doctors said the surgery was successful but that she has had a subsequent infection. Anam Islam has been transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit.


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