Authorities confiscate 6,000 tainted buns

SHANGHAI industrial and commercial authorities seized more than 6,000 "dyed" steamed buns at the Shanghai Shenglu Food Co. today after the tainted bun scandal was reported yesterday. The buns already passed their shelf life and were thrown into mixers to make "new" buns. The officials have asked local stores and supermarkets to remove the company's products from their shelves. The sales of steamed buns dropped across the city yesterday after the scam was reported in local media, Shanghai Daily found. Customers said they were worried that buns made by other companies may also have the same problem, so they chose not to buy steamed buns for a while. Lianhua Supermarket said today that customers can use their receipts for a refund for the buns they bought at the Lianhua supermarkets.


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