2 go to jail for rape of foreigner

TWO Chinese men were sent to jail for the rape of a French female university student last year in Shanghai, a court said yesterday. A man surnamed Fei was sent to prison for three years and three months for raping the 20-year-old woman in his apartment in November. His accomplice, surnamed He, was sent to jail for two years, Zhabei District People's Court said. Both men pleaded guilty. Fei, owner of a media company, hung out with He in bars and befriended several foreigners, the court heard in a hearing this month. On November 14, 2010, Fei called He after taking some drugs and asked him to invite some foreign women over, the court heard. Fei told He he was "looking for some fun." He called the French woman, who they had met in a bar, and said Fei was hosting a party. After she arrived at Fei's home, he intended to undress the woman but was refused, the court said. Fei then raped the woman as He held her down, the court heard. They were caught the next day after she called the police. The woman has since returned to France, the court said.


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