First get your license. Then learn how to drive

Now it all makes sense...

Last night (after a gym work-out, I re-started my new, healthy life for the 2984698264th time yesterday I know, I know, such a clich!) I caught up with my old language partner from Suzhou who was in Shanghai for Qing Ming Jie. If you have followed this blog for a while you probably remember her: shes the one who learned English with Desperate Housewives, only ate apples in order to lose weight, and had a boyfriend who made her a home gym when she said she wanted to start exercising. Gosh, Ive missed her!

Since I left Suzhou she has gotten married and she and her hubby has bought a car.

-Great, is it a new car? I asked.

-Of course. In China, no one would buy an old car.

-Right (I always forget!). So do you drive every day to work now?

-No my husband drives. I have a license but I cannot drive.


-Yeah, I bought my license some years ago but I dont know how to drive.

-You BOUGHT your license?

-Yes! What you cannot buy a license in Sweden?

-Eh hell no you cannot!! You have to pass several tests driving tests as well as written tests about rules, signs, etc.

-Oh OK. Well, I am learning now. My husband is teaching me.

-Did he also buy his license?!

-Yes. But he knows how to drive now. He has learned.

Holy cow! Now, I knew this kind of market existed, but I didnt think it was so common. People here buy their license, buy their cars and THEN learn how to drive? No wonder that there are so many car accidents in China!

-You know, once I know how to dri! ve maybe we can go on a road trip!

-Ehhh lets see about that.

Yeah, I dont think so. Oh, and I will metro everywhere this week.


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