Witnesses sought to nab thieves who injured whistleblower

A man who was seriously injured by three men in a revenge attack is looking for witnesses to identify the suspects.

Sui Jincheng, 24, has difficulty to talk after a surgery yesterday. His friends said Sui was still in critical condition with wounds in his head and limbs.

"All we want to do now is to help him find witnesses," said one friend surnamed Wang.

Wang said he was shocked to see Sui in blood-soaked clothes staggering into their rented house in Yangpu District on Monday night.

Sui said he had been attacked by three men because he alerted a middle-aged woman of a pickpocket as he was going home after work on Guoshun Road E.

The pickpocket and his two partners then turned to Sui and hit him with hard objects before fleeing the scene.

Sui was later brought to a hospital and was found suffering skull fractures. He is still kept in the Intensive Care Unit.

Sui's friends said they hoped the middle-aged woman could stand out and provide clues. "It would be best if she could come to testify," said Wang.

It is still unknown if surveillance cameras had recorded a footage of the three attackers.


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