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Property agents detained for attacking competitors

THE boss of a real estate agency and his four employees were sentenced to six-month criminal detention for causing disturbance to their next-door competitor, the Huangpu District People's Court said yesterday.

The 27-year-old boss surnamed Hu always had a dispute with its neighbor, "Tonglian Property." In June, the staff of the two companies even had a fight over a client.

To vent his anger, Hu told his workers to attack the Tonglian stores on Guohuo Road and Jiangyin Road. They broke into the two stores on the evening of June 30, beating their staff and damaging their properties.

The court said the fight caused more than 9,000 yuan (US$1,418) in damages and light injuries to three people.

The court ordered Hu to pay 9,000 yuan to Tonglian and compensations to the three victims.


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