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Line 10 problems getting look

LOCAL Metro management is working to reduce the problem of excessive emergency braking on Line 10 amid growing complaints from riders.

Many Metro passengers have complained that trips on Line 10 are uncomfortable because the trains often engage their emergency brakes. The problem is triggered by Line 10's route peculiarities and a current signaling system deficiency, said Shao Weizhong, vice president of Shentong Group, the local Metro operator.

Shao said Line 10 is special as drivers face an excessive number of curves along its downtown route. "Drivers have to be very skillful in controlling the speed so as to avoid causing uncomfortable feelings to the passengers," Shao said.

Additionally, the signaling system on Line 10 triggers frequent emergency brakes without a clear cause, Shao said. He said the system supplier is looking for solutions.

Line 10's operation has come under greater public scrutiny following the September 27 crash in which two trains collided when the line's operation was controlled manually after a signaling system blackout. Nearly 300 riders were injured and sent to hospitals

Metro management later concluded that one of train dispatchers was so stressed by the pressure to handle the emergency that he practically forgot the existence of one of the two trains parked on the track. Twelve Metro officials were punished for the crash, including three fired from their jobs.

On another matter, Shao, the Shentong official, said eating breakfast on Metro trains won't be banned. Many riders have complained about the smell and risks of clothes contamination caused by their fellow riders who chew on their breakfast in over-packed carriages during the morning rush hour. But Shao said there's no plan to impose a breakfast ban because it would be very difficult to enforce.


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