Noise triggers knife attack on couple

A MAN was apprehended by police this morning for using a knife to slash a couple in a residential building in Shanghai's Zhabei District.

The 48-year-old man was suspected of suffering a mental disease, according to his neighbors in the Jingfengyuan Residential Community.

The couple is now being treated in a local hospital. The husband was seriously injured and received a surgery, police said.

The attacker hacked the couple at about 9am in the corridor of their shared building, witnesses said. The woman was slashed in the face and one eye.

After receiving the report, the city's SWAT team arrived immediately and overpowered the mad man who was wielding a knife and was wearing only his shorts.

"The man is unsociable and stays away from others. We know little about him except that he lives alone," said a woman. Other neighbors revealed that the man and the couple often quarreled over trivial things.

One witness surnamed Zhong said the couple made a big noise in the corridor, which irritated the man and caused the knife attack.

Police are still investigating the incident.


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