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Husband arrested for killing wife and her suspected lover

POLICE have caught a 40-year-old man who first killed his wife and then stabbed her suspected lover to death yesterday in the city's Zhabei District.
The man surnamed Zhang killed his wife surnamed Huang at home in a residential complex on 555 Gonghexin Road around noon yesterday and left the scene immediately.
Neighbors said Zhang suspected Huang of having an affair with another man and was mad at her for talking to him in a cold and cynical tone.
Police began a manhunt for Zhang after the murder but didn't catch him immediately.
At about 7:30pm, Zhang returned to the residential complex and stabbed a man about his own age, who he believed was his wife's lover, near Building No. 3.
The man clutched the wounds with his hands and struggled to get help, leaving a 40-meter-long trail of blood on the cement road.
He was discovered by a police officer and rushed to a nearby hospital where he died despite emergency surgical treatment.
The hospital said the man was stabbed in the waist, causing massive bleeding from his injured organs.
Police are still investigating the case.


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