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Elderly man pulled off Metro tracks

AN ELDERLY man was pulled off the tracks of Metro Line 4 at 7:54am this morning and escorted away by metro staff, causing a short delay.

No one was injured during the incident as the man was removed from the tracks before a train had arrived, the Metro operator said.

It's unknown whether the man accidentally fell onto the tracks or jumped down to attempt suicide.

Another delay happened on Metro Line 10 at 8:10am when the emergency brake of a train was activated.

After investigating, the operator found it was a false alarm, but to ensure safety, the train was taken out of service, causing a delay of about 10 minutes.

Another glitch hit Shanghai's metro system at 8:41am when a Metro Line 2 train malfunctioned. Passengers were evacuated and the train was sent away for further examination.

All the affected lines have resumed normal operations.


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