Summer blog topics -suggestions, anyone?

Finally, my holiday is here! Today Im off to Finland. Ill be spending 3 weeks there, and then Ill head over to Sweden for my final week. A whole month off feels unbelievable! This wouldnt be possible if it wasnt for all the overtime hours Ive done this spring (and really, Ive worked a lot), so I guess working loads also has its advantages, hehe.

For those that have followed this blog carefully, today is also the day when by no-sugar bet with my significant other ends. Do you think I made it? No candy, cakes or sugar for some 2,5 months in order to win a shopping spree?

Well, of course I did. And not eating sugar has made me feel great, so who knows, maybe its something I will keep up. It wasnt that hard to tell you the truth. Give it 2 weeks to get rid of the sugar craving and then youre fine. Highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with keeping their hands off chocolate bars.

Since I will be on a holiday there wont be much action going on in my life. The summer days in Scandinavia tend to be bright and beautiful, but kind of boring in terms of action and events. So Im not sure what to blog about. Do you guys have any suggestions/wishes? Anything you want to know about life in Finland/Sweden? Photo essays? Anything China related you wish me to write about? Could be anything -about studying in China, some restaurant recommendations, anything... Any questions you want answered? Fire away, because Id like to keep this blog going even while I am away, but I need your input in order to make it interesting.

But first I have a 1 hour taxi drive, a 9 hour flight, and a 3 hour bus ride to look forward to see you on the other side!


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