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Quality watchdog tough on illegal food producers

FOUR Shanghai companies have been banned from food production following the "recycled buns" scandal in April, local authorities said yesterday. The city has revoked 360 business licenses in a crackdown triggered by the discovery in April that a company recycled its expired buns and added dyes to make new ones, said Shen Weimin, deputy director of Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Shen also said China is revising the safety standards for escalators. The revised standards are expected to take effect later this year. The current standards were set in 1997 and are already outdated. The revision came after an escalator in a Beijing subway station went out of control killing one passenger and injuring 20 others. City authorities have ordered an examination and repair of all the Otis escalators of the same type as the faulty one in Beijing before the end of this month.


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