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Subtropical high covers city in smothering heat

YOU may want to stay indoors in the next few days as the city swelters in a subtropical high pressure and the mercury hovers from 35 degrees Celsius Today to 37 degrees on Sunday, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said today. "High humidity coupled with high temperature makes people feel stiflingly hot these two days," the bureau said in a forecast. "Local residents are advised to stay indoors and drink enough water to prevent heatstroke." Today is cloudy with some thunderstorms. The low is 26 degrees Celsius and the high is 35 degrees. Tomorrow should be cloudy with a low of 27 degrees and a high of 37, the bureau forecasted. Showers are expected on Monday and Tuesday in parts of the city, the bureau said. The heat wave will continue until Wednesday when a major rainfall is expected to bring the city a cool relief from the scorching weather, the bureau said.


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