Minhang mines scare sparked by disabled fireworks

THE "unexploded land mines" that Minhang Police claimed to have salvaged from a river near Minbei Road this morning were later confirmed to be disabled round-shaped fireworks. The police announced on its official microblog on Weibo.com at 11:30am that they had found several "land mines" in a river near No. 200 Minbei Road in Minhang District and their preliminary investigation showed that the "mines" were "historical remains." The police said they were working with firefighters to handle the mines and warned local residents not to visit the scene. The microblog posting immediately sparked panic among some residents living or working nearby the river, who feared that the mines might explode. Minhang Police responded to terrified netizens on the microblog that there was no need to panic as most of such "historical remains" had lost their functioning ability a long time ago. But about 20 minutes later, the police announced that the "mines" were actually disabled fireworks which looked like mines. They said the objects were found by a river maintenance worker who reported them to police as mines due to their circular shape.


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