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City raises high-temperature subsidy for workers

UNDER a new city regulation that came into effect on June 1, employers need to pay 200 yuan (US$31) in monthly subsidy for workers if working outdoors above 35 degrees Celsius or indoors above 33 degrees. In addition to giving the subsidy, employers must also supply cold beverage to workers in high-temperature days to protect their health, said the municipal government in explaining the new rule. The new rule applies to all enterprises -- state-owned, jointly-funded or private ones alike. Shanghai introduced the high temperature subsidy in July 2007, requiring enterprises to give 10 yuan a day to workers if outdoor temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius and indoor temperature surpasses 33 degrees. Considering rising inflation and that most of those working in hot environment are low-income earners, the city government decided to raise the subsidy this summer. To make it convenient for employers, the subsidy can be provided by month instead of by day.


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