Wedding guests ill after hotel meal

SHANGHAI Food and Drug Administration officials are investigating a possible food poisoning case after more than 100 people complained of vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms after eating dinner at Ramada Plaza Pudong hotel on Monday night. Guests at the four-star hotel said they attended one of three different wedding receptions, but they all suffered similar symptoms, which they believed were caused by food poisoning. Xu Jingda, 26, a bridegroom at one of the wedding receptions, told Shanghai Daily that 35 of his 45 friends and relatives were either hospitalized or had to ask for sick leave after attending his wedding. "I woke up in the middle of the night after the wedding with a stomachache and started to vomit," Xu said. "Many friends called and said they suffered the same symptoms." Xu said he never expected such a memorable moment in his life would be ruined. Wang Gang, 45, brother of a bride at another wedding held in the hotel at the same time, said 120 out of 160 guests were suffering similar discomfort. Wang said several friends and relatives spit up blood or had fevers. "We demand the hotel explain what happened and provide a compensation plan," Wang said. A hotel official surnamed Zhang confirmed more than 150 people attended the three weddings and ate food they provided on Monday night. Zhang said they don't have an exact figure on how many people became sick. Zhang said they were still waiting for reports from the FDA, expected to be published today, to determine whether the sicknesses were the result of food poisoning. Zhang added that the hotel would pay medical and travel expenses, and compensation for those who missed work. Zhang said hotel officials would also negotiate further compensation after the report was published. Gu Zhenhua, director of the food inspection department at local FDA, told Shanghai Daily so far they had confirmed more than 10 victims were hospitalized after eating in the hotel and they will use the invitation lists to determine how many people got sick.


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