Drug addict jailed for crashing 3 police cars

A drug addict was sentenced to 14 months in prison today by a local court for driving with an expired license and crashing three police cars to avoid inspection. The convict surnamed Li drove a Geely on February 25 to the intersection of Yuyao Road and Xikang Road in Jing'an District where traffic police were checking drunk driving because it was near a bar area. Police signaled him to stop the car as they found he was driving in a strange route. Li didn't stop the car. Instead, he stepped on the gas to flee and crashed two police cars in the run. Police chased him in three patrol cars. Li dashed through several red lights and didn't stop until it bumped with a police car that tried to corner him.When police asked Li to get out for inspection, he even kicked an officer's leg. Police found 7.91 grams of heroin and "ice" in his Geely. The court also ordered Li to pay 8,255 yuan (US$1,270) in compensation for damaging police vehicles. Li admitted he was a drug addict and he borrowed the car from a friend, but he insisted that he bought the drugs for his own use.


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