Controlled by the weather

"Yeah, sorry, I'm not going to to be able to meet you for dinner for the next, ehum, 4 months or so.."

Before I start this post I would just like to thank all of you that contributed with your advices and recommendations about sleep/insomnia in my previous post. Thank you!

Now, since I am having a bit of a rough week I thought Id share a funny thing that happened last week.

Om Monday, I got a text from a Chinese friend that I havent seen for a long time:

"Dinner on Thu?"

"Sorry, I cannot make it," I texted back. "I have a busy week. How about Sunday?"

"OK," she texted.

Saturday came, and I had totally forgotten about it all until I got the following message:

"Its going to rain tomorrow. Should we have dinner on Wed instead?"

"Eh sure."

Talk about relying on the weather forecast. And talk about being controlled by what kind of weather it is owhen you plan your calendar.

I remember a friend of mine once told me about a girl that didn't turn up for her her job interview because it was too hot outside. She wasn't ashamed to tell the company when the secretary of the HR called her to ask why she never came for her interview.

I wonder what those kind of people do when the weather isnt top notch? Lock themselves inside with a DVD and some popcorn? Order in? Never leave bed? Call in sick for work?

Well one thing is for sure: If you would let the weather control your social diary in a country like Sweden you would never be able to go out!


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