Sleepless in Shanghai

Unfortunately I dont feel very rested or relaxed after the wknd. I seem to have gone from problems with falling asleep every now and then to constant sleeping problems. I have tried many things: not watching TV before sleeping, listening to music, exercising before going to bed, not exercising before bed, reading books, drinking tea, not drinking tea, avoid coffee and sugar, not eat big meals before bed, keeping the room dark and cool, doing relaxing yoga breathing, changing my sleeping spot (I now go from my bed to the couch every second night. It worked in the beginning but not so much anymore), herbal sleeping pills (not useful), real sleeping pills (also not useful dont make me fall asleep). I am getting a tad big frustrated and desperate: what the h*** am I supposed to do?!

I know that it is in my head and in my head only. Its a thought that shapes itself as soon as I hit the afternoon, saying: Oh, here comes the night and I feel so tired after last nights lack of sleep wouldnt it be awful if I couldnt fall asleep tonight either?! and BAM, there it is. I know I should try to stop this way of thinking but I have no idea how to do so. I try thinking about this and that, counting down from 300, imagining summer holiday in Europe, making up a story in my head but it doesnt work. It has been going on for so long now, on and off for a year, but this last month has been unbearable. I dont know what to do anymore. Going to see a doctor doesnt seem like an option: Ive tried both herbal and real sleeping pills, and none of that works (yes, for real. I take a real sleeping pill and I still cannot fall asleep. Sometimes I dont even get that sleep hangover that sleeping pills give you). What else can a doctor do than give you medicine? He cannot help me get rid of that one little nasty thought at least, thats for sure. And its just that one thought that I wish I could escape. I am not in bed stressing over unpaid bills or work or anything: its just about not being able to sleep.

Ah, at first I was ! thinking that I wouldnt write this post but then I thought, maybe one of my readers have had a similar problems and know of a mind game that can manipulate your thoughts?! Or anything? What do you guys do in order to turn off/or turn thoughts in another direction?


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