Lazy VS active wknds

Oh, what did I do this wknd?! Nothing special... just a run in the wilderness.

Chinese honesty has its pros and cons. It is definitely refreshing to sometimes speak to people that make no excuses for themselves. Like one of my Chinese friends. She loves sweets. And hates sweating. The other day I met her in the city. I was, as usual, cramming on to a gym bag (planning to hit the gym later), which she looked at and said:

-Are you still going to the gym? I dont think you need to lose weight.

-Nah, thats not why I am going. I go because I like it because I think its a nice feeling to first run and then

I stopped short as I saw her eyebrows wrinkled in a not-so-approving way.

-How can you LIKE it? Its so boring! She finally said.

-Eh its a bit boring, I admit. But its good for your health.

Her face didnt change. I could tell that I wasnt winning this conversation.

-So you never go? I tried.

-Nah, never. My mom has told me I should. That Im too lazy. But I like being lazy. I like being home doing nothing.


-Yeah. Its nice and relaxing.

-So what do you do after work? Or on weekends?

-I take the metro home, eat with my parents. Watch a movie or read a magazine. And then I sleep! I like sleeping!

-What about weekends? Dont you get bored?

-If I get bored I go and see a friend. But I dont think its boring to relax at home.

Im just thinking how this conversation could have gone if I would have had it with one of my friend back home, if I would have asked her why s/he didnt hit the gym:

-I should also go, but I dont like the gym Its not really my thing. I prefer doing some more fun exercise. You know, its important that it is fun. But you know, its hard to ! find tim e. I work so much

-What about weekends when you have free time?

-Oh, then I am so busy with seeing my friends, I always have tonnes of things to do!

Chinas still one of those places where people linger at home during their holidays/weekends (not all people, but quite a few), watch DVD:s, sleep and eat. And they are not afraid/ashamed to say so.

Me, on the other hand, feel as if its a big thing (and a bit embarrassing) to stay in a whole wknd:

-Well you know, I just needed to relax and do nothing. I dont like to do that every weekend, obviously, but sometimes it can be nice. But next weekend I will definitely go out and do something!

Funny that it is so hard for some people (including me) to admit that sometimes its nice to be lazy and do nothing. However, to tell you the honest truth, I easily feel a bit depressed when I am being lazy and watch TV a whole day/don't exercise for a whole week. I feel as if I am wasting precious time that could be better spent. Not that I ever told my friend this. Something tells me that she wouldn't agree.


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