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The no-sugar bet update

And I can't have this, right... nuts and carrots, anyone?!

Just to let you all know, Im now more than 1 week into the bet and Im doing fine. Its not hard not to eat candy/cookies/sugary snacks during the weekdays (although when I colleague recently came back from a trip to Sweden and emptied a bag of candy in the kitchen, I had to ban myself for going in there until it was all gone), the biggest challenge comes during the weekends.

If Im out doing something I dont have any problems. As soon as I get home, position myself comfortably on the couch and turn on a movie though. Ahhg! Thats when thoughts like snacks, I need snacks! hit me. Since I had a rather inactive and boring wknd last wknd, I better keep myself busy this weekend so that I dont fall for temptation. Someone told me that the first 2 weeks are the hardest then the sugar cravings will disappear and I will not think about snacks anymore. So here we go, sugar-free week 2, whos still with me?

Oh, and training is going OK too. Last week I did 3 sessions (10 km run, spinning and hot yoga), this week Im aiming for 4-5 sessions (after today, I am 3 sessions in). On Monday I did a 7 km run in 39 min. So slowly I'm improving (I've always been good at long distance running if I can keep a comfortable pace... Pushing for speed, however, is a completely different story and that's what I am going for now). If anyone has some great non-sugary, healthy snack favourites (please dont say carrots!) theyd like to share, feel free to do so. The risk of me ending up in front of the telly at some point this week is quite high.


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