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Thrift awareness on rise but action still lagging

YOUNG people aged between 18 and 24 have higher awareness of frugality than any other age groups, but their saving habits are just the opposite, according to a survey report released yesterday. The survey conducted by the East China University of Science and Technology said the frugality index of Chinese residents had been improving in the past six years, and 57.8 percent of the respondents had a sense of frugality, 11.8 percent more than in 2009. According to the report, 58.5 percent young people surveyed nationwide had frugality awareness, while those aged 41-59 had the least frugality awareness. But the report did not provide detailed statistics of people's thrift behaviors. Although frugality awareness is growing among the Chinese, their behaviors still need to improve. They are aware of saving water and energy, but not for land resources and materials. The report suggests giving non-government organizations a big role to play in promoting frugal behaviors among citizens and offering subsidies to those who choose energy-saving products.


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