Addict couple robs drug dealer

AN addict couple who allegedly robbed a drug dealer in a bid to get money to buy medicines to help them quit their habit have been arrested, prosecutors said yesterday. The pair spent all the cash they robbed, amounting to 3,500 yuan (US$541), on rehabilitation medicines. "Their behavior indicated they had a strong will to quit taking drugs. But it wasn't right to rob someone, even if the victim was a drug dealer," said Fang Xiaoying, a prosecutor of the Jing'an District Prosecutors' Office. Yang Fei, a 29-year-old Anhui Province native, and Xu Min, his wife, decided to give up their drugs habit in April and went to Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, for rehabilitation. A few days after their rehab stint, the couple, unable to resist, came to Shanghai to buy narcotics from a drug dealer. They went into rehab at Wuxi off and on until running out of money. On the train to Shanghai on May 1, Yang suggested robbing the dealer, prosecutors said. The couple told the drug dealer they had transferred money for the drugs to his account and directed him to a remote ATM. When the dealer was checking his account, Yang hit him and snatched away some 10 packs of drugs. Xu took the chance to withdraw 3,500 yuan in cash from the victim's card since the dealer had put in the password.


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