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New therapy improves survival rate of colon cancer patients

SHANGHAI Zhongshan Hospital has developed a new therapy which can effectively prevent and control the spread of colon cancer cells to the liver, its doctors told an international colon cancer treatment forum this week in Shanghai. Colon cancer patients normally have 6.9 months to live if the cancer cells have spread to the liver. To prevent or delay the liver metastasis, the Zhongshan Hospital applies chemotherapy to both the colon and the liver before cancerous cells start to invade the liver. Data shows the new therapy can reduce the risk of liver metastasis by 55 percent. Colon cancer has become the second killer cancer after lung cancer in Shanghai due to a changing diet and other unhealthy habits, said Dr Qin Xinyu from the Zhongshan Hospital's surgery department. China's five-year survival rate of colon cancer patients is 32 percent, compared with 61 percent in the United States and 46 percent in Europe. The new method invented by the Zhongshan Hospital has been adopted by more than 60 hospitals across China and has been introduced to the medical community abroad.


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