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Bus driver attacker arrested to face criminal charges

THE man who attacked a woman bus driver on Route 116 was arrested today on charges of disturbing public order. The offender, surnamed Shen, was judged suffering depression by a judicial panel and would bear limited criminal responsibility. The driver Zhou Weiqin, 42, suffered from fractures and bruises and has left the hospital for further recovery at home. Despite his depression, the 33-year-old offender should still be punished for his criminal act, Baoshan District prosecutors said. According to the Criminal Law, those who disturb the public order will be given a sentence of up to five years in prison. Shen attacked the driver on May 13 because he took the bus by mistake and the bus didn't stop where he thought it should. To vent his frustration, he beat the woman driver brutally in the glare of other passengers.


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