Hungary for victory in the rain

THE wet weather put a damper on the Dragon Boat Festival with only about 6,870 tourists taking a short break over the three-day holiday, about the same as a normal weekend, the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center said yesterday. Last year almost 79,000 people took advantage of their three days off to go on trips from the center. Next month will be busier, said center officials, with July 1's 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China approaching. Areas with links to the Party's history were proving popular. Trips to Jiangsu Province's Shajiabang scenic area, where Communist Party soldiers fought against the Japanese, and Zhejiang Province's Nanhu area, where the Party's first national congress moved after it opened in Shanghai, are among those in demand. "Such packages were solidly booked before the holiday," said Shen Li, an official with the center. "As the anniversary is approaching, such packages will welcome an even hotter market." While the travel market over the three-day holiday was slack, consumers' complaints were on the rise, local industrial and commercial authorities said. Hotline 12315 received 266 complaints over the holiday, up about 70 percent over last year and they were mainly about e-commerce and food, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau said. There were 35 complaints about e-commerce with products bought over the Internet said to be of low quality. And there were 28 complaints about food, many of them about moldy zongzi, the traditional holiday snack.


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