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50 charged in fight against IPR violation

NEARLY 50 suspects in 26 cases have been charged with intellectual property rights violation involving 22.48 million yuan (US$3.47 million) in recent weeks, prosecutors said yesterday. Of the 26 cases, 16 were related to selling counterfeits, and five cases involved more than 1 million yuan. The biggest of the 26 cases involved a suspect named Lu Ente and accomplices who allegedly sold fake Gucci leather products and watches valued at 9.83 million yuan. Lin Zhongming, a prosecutor at the Shanghai Prosecutors' Office, said counterfeiters are now better organized and selling a wider range of goods, including fake-brand bicycles, steel items and health care products. "Gang members had a clear division of labor in production, transport and sale," Lin said. "They ran an elaborate operation, renting residential rooms and basements as warehouses and selling their products through online shops." One gang, allegedly headed by Liao Xujie, dealt in fake iPhones, Nokia cellphones and MP4 players from Guangdong Province. Police seized 4,466 bogus electronic items worth 460,000 yuan. Liao and family members have been charged by Zhabei District prosecutors.


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