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World Expo permanent exhibition to open

A permanent exhibition on the World Expo 2010 Shanghai will open on September 25 in the former Urban-Footprint Pavilion in Puxi with more than 2,000 exhibits from various pavilions on display. Tickets will cost 30 yuan, while students, military personnel, senior citizens and children can enter for 15 yuan. "More than 14,000 exhibits have been collected from over 200 Expo pavilions for the exhibition, which will definitely remind visitors of the 184-day Expo," said Liu Xiuhua, director of the Expo Museum who will take charge of the exhibition. Exhibits feature the "Miguelin," the Spain Pavilion's 6.5-meter animated baby as well as an animated show about the expo which is similar to the China Pavilion's "Along the Riverside During the Qingming Festival." The former headquarters of the expo operators will also be exhibited as a highlight, Liu said.


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