Praise For Pedestrians After Elderly Man Falls

PASSERSBY who went to the aid of an elderly man who had fallen in the street have been praised by the man's grateful son and the online community. The 86-year-old had taken a tumble on Shanghai's Nanjing Road West at about 1pm yesterday. His nose was bleeding and blood was dripping onto his clothes. A number of pedestrians rushed to help him. They got him to his feet, cleaned him up, offered him water, alerted the police and called for an ambulance. Passerby Zhou Yunyao took a picture of the scene and it attracted a host of comments online praising the people who had rushed to the old man's aid. At the hospital, the man's son said he wanted to thank everyone who had helped. He had told his father to stay put while he looked for a taxi but he had wandered off.


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