Cinemas boycott film starring anti-gay couple

LOCAL theaters began to boycott the public release of a film that stars a famous acting couple who angered many with remarks of discrimination against homosexuals, New Express Daily reported yesterday. Lu Liping and her husband Sun Haiying's new film "Love Never Dies" won't be released in some theaters due to pressure from the gay rights groups. The film's distributor, known as "Dianyingyishu" on Weibo microblogging site, revealed that some theaters banned the film under pressure. The film's director, A'Nian, confirmed the boycott on his microblog and asked the public to treat it rationally. "The film has the right to be screened just as you (gay couples) have the right to love each other," he said. Some theater managers admitted that they had received an order to boycott the film, the newspaper said. Shanghai cinemas have not received a notice to ban the film and the film's local premiere is set on October 14, according to the Shanghai United Circuit. Earlier, a group of people gathered outside the building of a press conference for the film's release in Beijing to protest against the couple and called on others to boycott their film. Lu Liping who starred in many films and TV dramas retweeted a Weibo microblog from a priest who condemned homosexuality as a sin and called on her fans to denounce homosexuals. Lu soon found herself engulfed in criticism from many netizens and celebrities. Her husband Sun Haiying, also a renowned film actor, refused to comment on his wife's stance, but said everyone has the right to express personal opinions. Sun labeled homosexuality as a crime in 2007 and was under attack on the Internet.


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