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City air defense drill

RESIDENTS in every part of Shanghai -- with the exception of the two airports -- will hear an air defense warning today, National Defense Education Day.The drill will start at 11:35am and last until 12:03pm. Local authorities will inform people ahead of the time through TV and radio broadcasts and cell phone text messages. The warning will be divided into three phases. The first section -- early warnings -- will ring for three-minute periods, starting at 11:35am. There will be 24-second intervals between the three-minute sirens, said Wang Huying, an official with the Shanghai Civil Defense Office.The second phase, from 11:45 to 11:48, will be for air alerts. The siren will sound for six seconds, 15 times, with six-second pauses in between.The third part, a single three-minute siren, will tell people the alerts are lifted.


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