40-min highway chase ends with robbery fugitive's arrest

A fugitive was captured on the city's Chongming Island after an intense highway chase last week, Shanghai police said today. On the afternoon of September 6, a car without license plates crashed through a toll booth barrier in Pudong New Area and sped toward the Changjiang Bridge that links Shanghai proper with Chongming Island. After hitting several road barriers on the bridge, the car crashed through another toll booth on the island, triggering a hot chase by several police cars. The "mad" car continued to drive through police checkpoints on its wild run until it was cornered on a country road. Then, the driver abandoned the car and ran along a river bank before jumping into the river as more policemen arrived. One officer, Wang Lixiang, also jumped into the water and grabbed him to the bank. Police said the high-speed chase lasted about 40 minutes. Luckily no one was injured. The man surnamed Chen turned out to be a fugitive involved in a robbery in Shandong Province on August 26. He also stole the car he drove in the escape, police said. The 29-year-old offender took some drug before crashing through the toll booths, police said.


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