Mounting criticism as Fudan mourns loss of life

Mounting criticism as Fudan mourns loss of life:

"STUDENTS in Fudan University yesterday mourned a young policeman who lost his life during Sunday's rescue of 18 Shanghai tourists, most of them Fudan students, who got lost in the Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province. Students laid chrysanthemum flowers in the shape of a heart on the campus yesterday morning to pay respect to Zhang Haining, a 24-year-old policeman in a public security bureau near the mountain. University authorities also sent a letter of condolence to Zhang's family yesterday. Meanwhile, netizens discussed how the accident could have been avoided on local BBS and many blamed the tourists for Zhang's death.

'I doubt whether it's reasonable to ask police to search in the rain and darkness when the tourists could camp in a safe place,' said one netizen who identified himself as icermoon on the University BBS. Some criticized the students for entering the prohibited area and asked the school's climbing club to call off all outdoor activities in this winter break. A few experienced outdoor explorers blamed the tourists for not getting fully prepared for the mountain trip. 'They underestimated the weather conditions and bad communications in the mountain. What's more, none of the tourists had been to the place before. Their equipment was not enough to protect them from rainstorms,' said Zhang Haibin, an executive with the

After the tragedy, the Shanghai Tourism Administration has warned local tourists to think twice before going on an outdoor exploration. 'People should estimate whether their body and mind can bear the harsh outdoor environment and whether they can make quick decisions during an emergency,' said Yao Shuoye, an official with the administration. He said the administration has always tried to persuade people to travel with a legal tour operator, but the effort was in vain. This was the third deadly accidents involving Shanghai travelers in two years. In August last year, three Shanghai tourists drowned in a rapid in the Luxi Gorge in Zhejiang Province, and their bodies were found several days later. In July this year, a university student got lost in the Cangshan Mountain in Yunnan Province when he was traveling along. He was found dead two weeks later."


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