Lost Shanghai tourists brought to safety

EIGHTEEN Shanghai tourists, mostly Fudan University students, have been rescued this morning after they lost their way in a mountain in Anhui Province last night. But a local policeman died after fell from the cliff when he was escorting the group back to the hotel. The group called for help around 11pm yesterday after they got lost while exploring the Yellow Mountain, a famous scenery in eastern China. Since the students were unable to tell their position, local police could only map out a preliminary search area through the global positioning system. More than 200 rescuers took part in the search. Four hours later, they found the trapped Shanghai tourists. No one was injured in the incident. The tourists were given accommodation in a hotel near the scenic area. But their return to Shanghai has not yet been decided. Fudan University said 11 of the 18 tourists are its students who went on the trip without telling the school.


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