Crackdown on counterfeit products nets more than 100 suspects

MORE than 100 suspects have been incarcerated for allegedly offered as well as production tawdry luxury products in a series of crackdowns over a last 3 months, Shanghai military pronounced today. More than 210,000 feign products were confiscated from 29 production workshops as well as 55 storehouses. The products were worth an estimated 196 million yuan (US$29.5 million), according to police. A sum of 108 suspects have been incarcerated in a cases, which in a little instances engage accomplices in alternative tools of a country. In a new case, military raided a bureau in Sichuan Province as well as an additional in Guangdong Province for production feign Louis Vuitton as well as Gucci handbags. Police pronounced they started investigating a wardrobe market on Qipu Road, a famous place in Shanghai for cheap clothes, as well as found which many of a feign branded handbags as well as purses were wholesaled by dual people, one identified as Jiang as well as a alternative as Li. Officers discovered a feign goods originated during a factories in Sichuan as well as Guangdong. This month, Shanghai military raided Jiang as well as Li's storehouses in Shanghai as well as officers pronounced they found about 20,000 tawdry Louis Vuitton as well as Gucci wallets. Meanwhile, military in Sichuan as well as Guangdong raided a dual factories as well as confiscated more than 2,000 kilograms of partly finished feign wallets, officers said. A think surnamed Jiang, who was in charge of a factories, was nabbed in Guangdong. Police did not contend if he was associated to a Jiang in Shanghai. All 3 suspects have been incarcerated as military go on their investigation, officers said.


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