Facebook’s Zuckerberg China Trip Continued: Next Stop, Shanghai?

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While I might have taken a few days off from blogging, Mark Zuckerberg’s China trip has continued full steam ahead. Since his last spotting around Beijing and with Chinese search giant Baidu, the Facebook chief has paid more visits to top Chinese internet companies on his “vacation” in the country.

While in Beijing, Zuckerberg also visited the offices of Sina Corp, meeting with Sina CEO Charles Chao for an “information exchange on the Chinese Internet market,” Sina spokesperson Liu Qi told Bloomberg. The two also talked about Sina’s microblog service Weibo, a Twitter-like service. It looks like a gutsy Bloomberg reporter approached Zuckerberg at his Beijing hotel to inquire about his trip, to which the Facebook CEO only responded, “I am only holiday.” That was around Wednesday last week.

Photo of Mark Zuckerberg with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma via t.qq.com/jinmingliang

Zuckerberg has since left Beijing and has more recently appeared in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, where he visited e-commerce company Alibaba and met with the company’s CEO, Jack Ma. He also met Jonathan Luk, head of Taobao.com, Alibaba’s online shopping site. Alibaba did not confirm Zuckerberg’s visit.

Hangzhou is just a short train ride from Chinese metropolis Shanghai. If Zuckerberg is not already staying in Shanghai, I’m betting that will be one of his next stops, given that the city is a major tourist and financial hotspot. Sina is based in Shanghai, as are other internet companies like online gaming outfit Shanda.

If Zuckerberg continues his southward path through the country, he will probably end up in cities like Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Shenzhen is home to Tencent, which runs popular instant messenger program Tencent QQ as well as one of China’s biggest portals, QQ.com.

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