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Man axed relative to death after job quarrel

A man in Minhang District has been arrested after he confessed to killing his distant relative with an axe over a job, prosecutors said today. The 58-year-old suspect, Xu Zhengjiu, came to Shanghai from Anhui Province last October and worked as a cleaner and gate guard with Zhang Quan, a distant relative of his in Pujiang Town. Since Xu and Zhang were doing the same kind of job, the two often quarreled. Police said they had a fall-out at their company on August 9 and Xu was injured. His oldest son tried to persuade him to quit the job but Xu didn't listen and maintained that Zhang should quit. On August 12, Xu finally snapped after his son said he was "stupider than pig." Enraged by the taunt, Xu turned all his hatred on Zhang. He went to the company at about 2am the next day, armed with an axe, while Zhang was sleeping in the guard room. Xu climbed over the wall, entered the room and struck heavy blows to Zhang's head until he was sure that Zhang was dead. After that, he left the scene, threw away his weapon and clothes and took a train to his hometown the next morning. On August 14, Xu confessed his crime to his elder cousin, who handed him over to the police.


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