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Gun hobbyist faces charges for illegal possession of firearms

A gun enthusiast has been charged with the crime of illegal possession of firearms after his midnight shooting practice scared the neighbors, Huangpu District prosecutors said yesterday. The 22-year-old suspect, Liu Xiaochuan, told the prosecutors that he shot from his room to the sky and other open space for practice on May 9, using an imitation gun. Police said Liu's glass bullets hit a neighbor's apartment on Tangfang Road, leaving two holes in the window. "This was not the first time that I heard gun shots at night," said a resident surnamed Chen, who reported to police after finding two bullet holes in his kitchen. Police said imitation guns are able to hurt people and cause injuries. Liu, a military enthusiast, bought five imitation guns from an online seller in March with 4,000 yuan (US$626). They were two sniper rifles and were assault rifles.


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