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Yulia, who?

I love this place. You never, ever, know what to expect from strangers that you meet! One day can be horrible: some ladies in a shop gossip about the size of your behind, and another one tells you youve got panda eyes. Then, on another day, the flattering game goes overboard.

Just the other week, at an event, I got the most obscure comment. A girl told me I look like Jenny little J in Gossip Girl. I had to bite my lip not to laugh out loud. There is NOTHING resembling between me and this (at least) 10 year younger actress. Not even my long, thick hair compares to her lioness mane. It was simply a comment for flattery, but when something is so far from the truth, it becomes almost ridiculous.

Likewise, a Scandinavian, tall, blond male friend of mine was once told he looked like Clint Eastwoods son.

-Oh really?! I didnt even know Clint had a son?

-Me neither. But if he does, Im sure hed look like you.


Then there were our two Finnish male friends that came here for a visit in 2009. They walked into a Jack and Jones store in Suzhou and created a huge scene, as the girls (and boys) in the shop thought they were the boys from the ad campaign. They ended up spending hours in the shop, posing for photos with the ad campaign shot in the background

However, last year when our office went for an after work session, and our boss brought up the fact that one of our Swedish colleagues has the same hair style as Ukrainian female politician Yulia Tymoshenko, the room felt dead silent (Yulia who?!). This was just before the Ukrainian election and there were pictures of Yulia and her braided hairstyle everywhere and my colleague had almost the exact same thing.

I guess not all western icons/celebs are part of the look alike game here in China. Only actress and models regardless if you look like them or not.


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