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Starbucks: no need to search for toilet spy cameras in shops

STARBUCKS has no plans to check toilets in its Shanghai outlets for spy cameras, even though one was found in a branch in nearby Hangzhou. No order had been given to Starbucks Shanghai to search restrooms, a spokesman for the coffee shop giant said, adding that he was confident there were no devices to be found. This follows a case in Xihutiandi, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, where a spy camera hidden in an air freshener was discovered in a unisex toilet. "The incident in Hangzhou is just a single case," Huang Yun, a Starbucks spokesman, told Shanghai Daily yesterday. "Our toilets are absolutely safe and we staff also use them." Huang said the company is awaiting the results of a Hangzhou police investigation. The spy camera in the toilet of Starbucks' Xihutiandi outlet was reported by Zhejiang Online on Friday after netizen Qiu Hongbo posted details on his microblog. Qiu said a female customer found the camera, a black cigarette-pack-sized box, inside an air freshener. A man who had used the toilet before the woman was initially a suspect, but was later released. Apple Daily, a Hong Kong based newspaper, claimed that Starbucks planned to check more than 200 outlets in the Yangtze River Delta region for devices. Huang said there were no plans to do this.


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